Diamond Drills Wheels & Files

1)  Metal Bonded Drills

Metal Bonded Drills

Metal Bond diamonds drills for glass.  Center bore hole for water cooling, 1/2" thread, length 75mm. Other threads & lengths on request.

Recommended Drilling Speed

MM Per Min.
3-4 4500-5000
5-15 2500-3000
16-25 1500-2500
26-50 1000-1500
51-100 500-800

2)  CSK Drill__________________________________________________________________

CSK Diamond Drills Wheels & Files

Metal bond diamonds countersink, for boreholes in glass, 1/2" thread, 75mm height. Countersink available in different sizes.

3)  Metal & Bond Resin Wheels ______________________________________________

Metal & Bond Resin Wheels

"Atlas" diamond wheels are of superior quality & available in resin & metal bonds.  They are used for grinding & beveling at glass, other hard & abrasive materials.  These are available in diameter from 10mm to 300mm.  Band type, grit size & concentration are selected according to the application.

4)  Wash Basin Drills _______________________________________________________

Wash Basin Drills

Metal Band drills, 1/2" thread, 90mm length, center bore hole for cooling.  Drill size - 44mm & countersink - 65mm.  The drill is equipped with 4 Nos. diamond segment bits for making a countersink & bores for water cooling.

5)  Carbide Wheels _________________________________________________________

Carbide Wheels

Tungsten Carbide wheels available in different angles, bores & thickness.  Angle is selected according to the thickness of the glass.  Carbide Wheels are used in wheel cutters & CNC machines of different makes.

6)  Diamond Cut-off Wheels_______________________________________________

Diamond Cut-off Wheels

These wheels are used for cutting a glass in odd shape or for corner cutting.  Available in Resin, Metal & Electrodeposited type.  4" diameter, 16/20mm bore & 1.2mm thickness.

7)  Diamond Files_____________________________________________

Diamond Files Metal & Bond Resin Wheels

These files are available in any shape & size.  Generally used for filing & making keyholes.
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